20 Interview Questions Top Lawyers Ask

It’s law practice recruiting season again, law students are furiously googling to try and evaluate which questions they’ll be peppered with at OCI or on their own callbacks. Google forget about, law students, we at Vault have the way to go. Within this year’s survey of nearly 18,000 law practice associates we requested them what they’ll be asking! Here is a sampling from the questions associates at Vault’s Top Ten lawyers were either requested within their interviews, or ask law students when they’re doing the interviewing. Read BCG Search reviews and learn more about them here.

Was there whatever you labored on in which the answer you arrived at was not the same as that which you expected?

That which was probably the most challenging or rewarding assignment you’d, and why?

What’s your preferred book?

What exactly are your hobbies?

How was the very first year of school?

Describe a legitimate issue you’ve lately discussed.

Why this firm?

Who’s somebody who has meaningfully influenced you?

Why would you like to operate in this city?

What introduced you to definitely school?

What can you have to say is your projects style?

What areas do you enjoy exploring and why?

Where would you visit your career in five years?

What exactly are your preferred classes and why?

How can you think school has prepared you to become a lawyer?

What kinds of clients would you like to use?

What’s your finest worry about the concept of law?

How interested are you currently in pro bono work?

How have you ever made decisions regarding your education/career so far?

What deals are you currently monitoring?

Should you prefer a couple of more inquiries to study, you are able to check out an identical exercise we did 2 yrs ago. Or click the “Vault’s Verdict” tab associated with a firm’s profile to determine what that firm is asking.

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